BT ADSL Microfilter

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BT ADSL Microfilter.

The BT ADSL microfilter protects telephone devices (telephones, fax machines and answering machines) from audible noise generated by an ADSL modem connected to the same extension wiring. One filter is needed for each telephone that shares the extension wiring with the ADSL modem. Just plug the telephone into the filter and the filter into the extension socket for trouble-free broadband access.

Features of the ADSL Microfilter

  • Reduces ADSL noise on your telephone
  • Can use 4 filters on one line
  • Connect an ADSL modem & telephone to one socket
  • Extension wiring can be plugged into the filter
  • Compliant to BT's specification
  • Pack contains one filter

Category: Wireless Broadband And Networking

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